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why was it canceled and when will it release again 😞 😞 😞

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No one knows except MS why they cancelled it, probably to expensive to build and it wouldn't compete with the competition. Not enough projected sales.
They have sold of all of their sports games (UBI) so who knows what the future will bring.
Unless they are going to make a train sim much superior to the original they may as well not bother.
Download some of the others demos and they are much better.
I tried one demo and the scenery looked real compared to my MSTS #1.


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It's a shame, I was really looking forward to MTS2 😞

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yeah it is just to bad

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was cancelled due to various reason. good decision though. unfortunate for fans of course.

and no, there never was a demo available. only a very short piece of track shown on the E3 in 2003.

And YES, the scenery was significant different from msts1

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