Radarman and Firefox

5o'clock_charlie Guest

Valued Fellowsimmers,

over the last fotnight or so I have been perusing Your forums and in the process learned a lot, laughed a lot and benefited greatly from posts submitted by members too numerous to mention.

The purpose of this message is twofold:

1. Thank You, thank You, thank You!

2. RADARMAN - Would You kindly elaborate on Your personal experience
with Firefox. I have been using it for several months now considering it to
be superior to IE. You have discouraged the use of Firefox in several of
Your posts. Your advice will be appreciated, Greetings Alias

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Without getting into the browser wars, Firefox even before losing it's prime programmer to Google was full of holes.
It was and still is a fairly safe browser but as it takes a few more points of the market from IE the jerks that exploit the holes in IE will attack Firefox. Why bother with a browser that only a few use when you can nail 90% of the people with IE.
It's like Apple, there are few, very few attacks on it because it's only 3% of the market.

Firefox as well as Opera, Netscape ( a new beta this week) etc will be a security risk on the net, they haven't a viable way of updating and rely on the user to do it, bad idea.

I use it for slow sites, although I haven't used it for months.

Everyone like to badmouth MS, I certainly don't and won't ever defend them and some of their "practices" but putting out IE7 this summer will prove the death knell to all of the other so called safe browsers.
My biggest objection to MS and their high-handed ways is that you have to have SP2 installed if you use XP and want the new IE.


5o'clock_charlie Guest

Thank You Radarman for Your prompt reply.

The fact that Firefox relies on the user to update had eluded me until You mentioned it. Certainly food for thought.

Sadly, I've become so used to tabbed browsing that on the odd occasion when I'm compelled to use IE, I seem to be going around in circles and end up messing up my taskbar beyond recognition. (I'm still on dial-up btw.)

Regarding MS I am of Your opinion. They're not perfect but what would we do without them. Well perfect - nothing is perfect or everything is perfect;
depending on your own philosophy in life.

Enough of this. I final question Radarman - for Your DC-3s do You use the default sounds? If not, would You be willing to share a secret?

Regards and thanks 5o'clock_charlie

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RadarMan Chief Captain

PC's wouldn't be as prominent in our homes to day if it wasn't for MS.

I'm still using the default sounds but I keep promising myself that I'll go get some real ones from Trev or somewhere.



5o'clock_charlie Guest

Agreed: Long live The Knight and his innovations!

Thanks for the DC-3 link - I've had the sound section of the site in my favorites folder for ages but never explored the other parts. Behold, a world of its own!

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