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Chris Baye (cbaye) Trainee

I've been working on flying the BAe 146 off and on for the last few weeks but am having some minor problems.

1. I don't have a good flight reference to help me with things like v-speeds.

2. The aircraft seems difficult to trim, is very sensitive to power settings and it is difficult to maintain altitude during turns.

I have been away from simming for some time so I am sure most of my problems are due to lack of experience. Still, any advice would be helpful.

I'm flying the 146-200QT ( by Jon Murchison with the version 2 Panel by Matthias Lieberecht.

I'm using a Logitech WingMan Force feedback Joystick

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Hello cbaye, here you have the V-speeds for you to look at:

Va Design Maneuvering speed
Vat Velocity at touchdown
Vc Design cruising speed
Vd Design diving speed
Vf Design flap speed
Vfe Flaps extended placard speed
Vgnd Ground velocity
Vls Lowest selectable airspeed
Vle Landing gear extended placard airspeed
Vlo Maximum landing gear operating speed
Vmc Minimum control speed with critical engine out
Vmlo Minimum maneuver speed
Vmax Basic clean aircraft maximum
Vmin Basic clean aircraft minimum
Vmo Velocity Max operating
Vne Velocity never exceed
Vno Maximum structural cruising speed
Vr Takeoff rotation
Vref Reference velocity
Vs Design speed for maximum gust intensity
Vsi Stalling speed in a specified flight configuration
Vso Stalling speed in the landing configuration
Vu Utility speed
Vx Speed for best angle of climb
Vy Speed for best rate of climb
V1 Critical engine failure velocity (Takeoff decision)
V2 Takeoff climb velocity

About your second question, I don't know what to say about that. Could be the joystick that is causing that problem. Try calibrating it. If you don't use autopilot and you turn the aircraft, you will lose some altitude. What you have to do is lift the aircraft a bit to maintain altitude.

Hope this helps you.

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Chris Baye (cbaye) Trainee

Thanks for the comprehensive listing of V-speed terms. I should have been more specific about my request. What I was looking for was a list of v-speeds and or operating characteristics of the BAe 146.

I will try adjusting the sensitivity of my joystick to see if that helps. I think that a properly trimmed aircraft shoud be able to maintain altitude and attitude with no pressure on the stick. I was getting a kind of hunting or low-amplitude control oscillation when I loosend my grip. As you say, this may be caused by the joystick calibration.

My usual turn procedure is to roll into the turn and apply back pressure on the sitck and apply a small amount of power if required to maintain altitude. This model has proven to be quite challenging.

Another question for BAe pilots. Where is the glide slope indicator on the Matthias Liebrecht v2 panel? Is it part of the HSI or some other instrument? I have also briefly experimented with the v3 Panel, but It is much more procedure intensive than v2.

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Roger that, sir. Here you got the the v-speeds of your BAe 146: Look through the list and you will find it.

If you take a picture and post it here, I will be kind to help you find the glideslope indicator. Otherwise, tell me where did you download that aircraft and I'll try it. I couldn't find the aircraft using the file name you posted.

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Chris Baye (cbaye) Trainee

Here are the primary flight instruments of this panel.

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Thanks for giving me a screenshot. Now it's much better.

The glideslope indicator may appear inside the red circles. But it won't appear if you don't tune to the ILS frequency of the runway you want to land.

Did you find usefull the v-speeds I gave you of your BAe 146?

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Chris Baye (cbaye) Trainee

Yes, Thanks for the v-speeds. I'm going to incorporate them into my flight planning and checklists (maybe even add them to the kneeboard)



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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Chris, I'm glad that the v-speeds are usefull.
If you have any more questions, just ask.

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Chris Baye (cbaye) Trainee

Thanks again for your help.

I adjusted the joystick feedback settings to 50% and the aircraft became much more flyable. The lesson learned here is that 100% effect may be over-driving the joystick. The controls are a bit numb now and I will have to experiment with these settings some more to find the optimal effect level. My guess is that I will end up between 60% and 80%.

I also got the glide slope function to work, mostly by actually getting to closer to the glide path. This instrumnet seems more sensitve than the one in the Cessna 172!

I have saved two flight scenarios for this aircraft, A take-off and an approach.

The fun part about flying the BAe 146 is managing all of that Power. This plane climbs very quickly and you have to reduce power considerably after initial climb-out to prevent overspeeding the aircraft. I also experimented with the planes spoiler system... Wow!

Mastering the 146 should be a rewarding experience.

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