People on the platform?

seanstakes Guest

Is there any way to get people in Trains! or on the platform? it feels so dull without the people 😞

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It's been quite a while that I ran MSTS but I don't think you can do that.
The sim is old, try some of the newer ones, download the demos and see how you like them.
I tried one and it looked much better than MSTS.


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Micah Captain

any suggestions on what other sims to try then Radarman?

As a flight man, i also like train sims but msts is dissapointing, huge graphic eat ups for relitively crap graphics!


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I have MSTS but haven't had it loaded for a few years.

I tried a demo of this a while back, it looked much better than MS's old one.
Try the demo and see.

Blow the whistle once for me, that's my favorite part. 😁


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