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roadster123 Trainee

Does anyone here might know if there site is having trouble? I have tried to get on it for the last three days and it won't come up. Just wondering.

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milton1991 Trainee

Yes sir. The Site is having Severe Problems and Dave the one who fixes it Is away due to a Family Emergicy.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Orest (of ORDFO) says that it's a hardware issue that needs to be replaced. I've been itching to file my PIREPS's since saturday!

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milton1991 Trainee

Ya. Im acculy UAL2060. And I hate to tell them This but That was the last straw. I have the new ranking System and now its been 4 days. Well I hate to say this but I have left United and Am now with COA. Im online as COA569.

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