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a whuile ago i was experiencing problems with my liveries on most of the project ai aircraft which after random amounts of time flying suddenly had no liveries and were displayed in very low detail, with grey skins and no colouring.

I've since tried deleting my caches on within the programme and now I am getting any scenery displayed in very mininmal forms.

is there anywhere from which I can download the scenery for SE england



Guest wrote:

is there anywhere from which I can download the scenery for SE england



You could have a look at
Name: Size: 1,482,764 Date: 10-19-2004 Downloads: 2020
FS2004 UK Landclass Scenery for Southern England, v2. Realistic ground scenery over Hampshire and neighboring counties in southern England, Europe. Includes towns, new forest, additional buildings and landmarks. No effect upon frame rates. By Nick Forsyth (FREE)

There is also VFR Photo Scenery for all of England but it is payware and quite pricy at

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😀 Despite what that link says about VFR Scenery only being for will work in fs9 👍

Also if you shop around you will find it at below 1/2 the price quoted

There are 2 versions on the market,1 for fs2002 and the other for fs9

The fs9 version is exactly the same as the 2002 version,except it will load automatically,so buy the 2002 (its cheaper again)and during install just direct it to your fs9 folder

The writer also said about increased load times..........he got that bit right

This type of scenery add on is only good for flying above 3000ft as basically you are flying over a photo of the area,so the closer you get,the picture becomes blurred

Hope its helped

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