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TTT I have the Gainward 6600gt 128mb card and it works like a dream but AA is on 8xS which is its highest and there is still some jaggs is there any way to get rid of all of them.I now you have a Nvidia card so you may be able to help.

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Do you have the Gainward Expert tool?
If not,why not 😉 ➡

Also try adjusting the AA via the Nvidia settings(under Performance and Quality)you should find that tweaking the settings via both nvidia and fs settings should sort it out

Let me know

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No but I still have some testing to do.FEM siad that fs will not choose to have the highest AA on and you have to force the drivers to except it how do I force the drivers to do that.What will happen if I change the clock settings?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

With the Gainward tool you can push the cards clock speed and memory times,but be warned,dont over do it

Just nudge it up a bit at a time and fire up fs9 and have a look and try again
If you go too far your pc may become unstable and or the picture will start to break up
Try d/loading the nvidia tweaking tool ➡

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