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schumway Guest

looking for the avro arrow jet... anyone ever seen it for FS2004?

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These are the only one's that I could find.
They are for FS98 and I don't know (or think) that they will work in FS9.



dk8290 Guest

Alphasim has one that works in fs2004 ...

They also have a CF-100 Canuck if you're into Canadian planes

They are both 'alright' models but not nearing the quality of say dreamfleet aircraft. They are kindof basic but really not too bad at all. I think partly a good repaint would help them out immensely (I'm currently doing weathered repaints for the CF-100 and will probably do repaints for the Arrow too)

check out screenshots of these two planes at my site (screenshot section / North america / Ontario )

I also got the jet sounds pack from alphasim. These models use the default fs2004 learjet sounds otherwise LOL

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