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I am having a problem with my sound. Everything else sounds fine except ATC or instructors..either too fast or too slow. Does anyone have any ideas.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Could be a couple of things

sound card drivers ar they up to date?

And check the audio properties to make sure that its running through your prefered device(I use TotalRecorder a lot and have to switch back to sound card for FS9 or i get all sort of problems)

Also how many ATC voices are being used (they take alot of prosessing)try setting it to...say 4 and work from there

A few to try

IFR Guest

I've un/installed a couple times. updated my sound card as well as new drivers for my Geforece FX5200. Not getting ATC sound and cabin engine noise is not there. I've made adjustments in Sounds>ATC with no luck. I was wondering if there is a required Microsoft codec within the game needed to say the voices. I'm thinking there is a program/software conflict with another program I've installed. I've got My TRaffic, and sever added coded program for movie editing on my system. I have no problem running any of my other pc games such as MOHAA, Splinter Cell, Call of Duty, etc,. There is something missing from within the game.

aircraft_electrician Guest

I had this same problem. I'm using an Athlon XP2700+ with 512 MB DDR on a VIA motherboard with Realtek AC'97 integrated sound and KM400 S3G integrated graphics. It seems that Windows auto-update updated my sound CODECS with VIA CODECS instead of Realtek CODECS, (another wonderful Microsoft glitch).

If you have the Realtek AC'97 integrated sound, go to the Realtek website and download the latest driver and CODECS.

Davis Guest

I have the same problem... I changed the drivers but it didn't work any ideas?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Me too I can't hear ATC voices and certain aircraft engine noise though I tried to uninstall & reinstall FS 2004 without result.

Do you guys have te original copy of Microsoft OS (Windows XP, ME, 2000, etc...)
Because if you have a pirated copy of Microsoft OS like most of us do, then this may be the problem because these son of bitches from Microsoft are now spying on us and do their upmost to create trouble, I no longer can use Windows Media Player either.

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