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rickypig112 First Officer

hi all

i posted a query about getting sound onto fs9 yesterday and someone gave me a link. unfortunately this link didnt help me but i also realised i am not getting much sound out of the game, when taking off i can hardly hear the engines, there is no atc sound and so on. i have played around with the sound settings to no avail. could someone give me some advice on what i could be doing wrong or what could be wrong with the game. thank you

much appreciated

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Ed Reagle (edr1073) First Officer

Can you provide the specs of your cpu please so we can help you with much more efficiency.

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amermel First Officer

have you checked the sound settings?

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rickypig112 First Officer

yes i have played around with the sound settings and even went as far as to turn all sounds down to o% and engines to 100% but still nothng...

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

I suppose you mean that you have ''play'' with FS sound i right?
Did you check your systems sounds settings.Maybe you have lower the sound level by mistake.It will be also helpful for us ,and for you, if you tell us when your problem starts and also if you face up with this problem with your music sounds or with other games.
Are you using a sound card or your motherboards line out?
If its a general problem and not only an FS one,re-installation of your audio driver(sun-install them first)maybe will helps.

Please try to be more specific and i think that someone going to help you. 😉

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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

I've had this problem sometimes. Either I can hear nothing but a pin drop, or it gets really loud. I figured out that it was my sound port, where I plug in my earphones. When there was no sound, I just twisted the actual plug until I could hear something.

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