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Im taking part in a group flight from Toronto YYZ to Halifax YHZ.

Now for the flight planner we are using VOR's and Intersections.

So it took me 30 minutes to finally find all the VORS and Intersection.

I just have a few questions.

After i took off i have to fly towards the Kendi intersection?
In the flight planner there is no frequency or anything? so how do know where to go and how to fly towards it.

Secondly after i reach the KENDI intersection i fly towards the MBB VOR. I tune the frequency but how do i know what to set my OBS for? what radial??

Any help. thanks

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What you need are High Altitude Instrument charts. You can order them from the US goverment or from Jeppesen.com These are real charts and they are not cheap. Jeppesen also has Simulated Charts.



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