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dear members

I want a cockpit with some extra controlls (737). I want a cockpit like the new genaration how tells me on a speaker what my current height is when I land.

Something like: 100, 40, 10 So I can determ how high I am so I can focus on that.

Thinks like a overhead panel and things like seatbelt etc I like to have too. The only things I can find are not free.

please help me

Greetings Dennis (starting at flight academy next august) 😂

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

This is a payware 737-800 panel that calls out your altitude:

Cabin announcements: type in Cabin Announcements in the AVSIM File Library. It should be on the 2nd page, 7th one down.

Altitude call outs can be found at type in

This is a 737-400 panel that comes with cabin announcements:, type in greg737 in the File Library

Hope this helps.


i think this makes me really happy 😂

Are there more funny features to add to the cockpit?


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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

not that I know of, you may just want to look around in avsim's file library:, and at flight sim's file library:


I know avsim, but i never find what i'm looking for. Maybe because I have high expetations. The Altitude call outs are great!!!!

If somebody know more things please let me know!!

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The greg737 panel ( Panel uses FS2004 default gauges with added Autoland button, Taxi Speed System, Cabin Crew Annoucements, Digital Clock with Temperature, Digital Fuel Gauge (Used, Remaining, MPH, GPH etc..), Seat Belt & No Smoking lights, Air Condition switch, Wind Speed gauge, Working Reverser Unlockers gauges and Altitude Callout alerts for landing.

The panel is designed to have all gauges including the throttle, radio stack and most other gauges on the main panel, with the exception of the GPS which is changed to a GPS 500

You can download it from AVSIM here:

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