Updates to FlightLog Analyzer (how to make better usage of your game's logbook)

Fabiano Chamone Guest

Hi Guys,
After our initial release in November, FlightLog Analyzer has received a lot of new features already, and is a must-have tool if you want to make better usage of the game's logbook.

Below are our new features:

New Information being collected/ shown (Free / Trial)
1 - Time of Flight and quantity of landings and take-offs split between TOTAL / DAY / NIGHT
2 - We have added the SIMULATED DATE/TIME in our grids and exports (that is the date/time you choose for the flight in the World Map, and it presented along with the REAL DATE/TIME clock that was present before)
3 - Airport name translation (from ICAO code to AIRPORT NAME)

Group Analysis (Free/Trial)
1 - Now it is possible to export, edit or show on map the flights selected by any of the given attributes (For instance: map all flights I made with C152; Export all flights I made with AIRLINE plane types; EDIT and REMOVE all TUTORIAL FLIGHTS I made, etc...)
2 - It is possible to filter by START and END DATE, to allow the grabbing of any statistics needed, even for past periods

New Export Formats (Standard License)
1 - We have added the LITTLE NAVMAP, VOLANTA and SIMTOOLKIT PRO export formats, so you can directly import the flights from MSFS into those apps

New Flight Fixer (Pro License)
1 - Correct MISSING landings and takeoffs (when a landing or takeoff is not accounted for in the game, despite being made)
The software has a lot of free features and features available on trial, as well as some features included with the STANDARD and PRO licenses.

We hope you give it a try soon, visit us at https://www.flightloganalyzer.com/

Best regards,

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Bob Whaley Guest

Hi Fabiano, I just became aware of Flightlog Analyzer and will definitely register PRO if you can help me figure out
why my flight logs will not load ?  I use the Steam version of MSFS and I suspect the problem may be that I do not
have Steam installed in the "default" location.  It's installed in C:\Games\Steam.  I also do not have FA installed in 
the default location, but in C:\Games\FlightSimAddons\FlightLog Analyzer.  The program starts but never displays 
any logs.  I can see the kh_logbook file when I drill down into the C:\Games\Steam\userdata\... path and I can see
my logs within MSFS itself.  One thing I notice is that when I try to do File->Copy Logbook Path to Clipboard I get
an "Unhandled exception" error with "Value cannot be null...Parameter name: text".  What could be the problem ?
Thanks for you assistance... BobW

Fabiano Chamone Guest

Hi Bob,

Please, contact us at Support@FlightLogAnalyzer.com and we can help you with that. I'm sure it has to do with the different installation path, but we are making some adjustements to avoid those kind of problems. 

Waiting for your contact there,

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