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Do you have to pay for it? as I just d/loaded the one for my 737-600 700 and I tried to load a flight and it did not get past 0% and after about five minutes the error report came up saying I have to restart FS9

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Couple of points on FS2Crew:-

1. It's payware and thoroughly deserving to be payware, this is not some AVSIM type gimmick it takes the developer months to configure it for each add-ons that he makes a version for.

2. For anyone that does buy this, you strictly have to start your flight in the PMDG 737 by firstly loading up the default flight (The Cessna 172, at KSEA).... then change location, and then change aircraft to the PMDG.

If you load it up when you first start FS, it will not operate properly.


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Zach (ranald) Captain

Ok thanks 👍 I might get it is it worth it?

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