Alerting you on some spam...

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I don't know how I got this one. On the email I use for only eBay and FlyAway , I get this message:

Hello ,

My name is Frank Composto aka Island . I own [website] . This Email is a special invite to my site . You can get free direct tv or free dishnetwork . Some people call it hacking but i like to call it testing. So with the low price of 79.00 us dollars i can show you the tips and tricks on how to decrypt direct tv and dishnetwork.So i would be expecting you at

If you get it, DO NOT go onto the website - It's a virus. I have to check to see if I sold something to this idiot on Ebay.


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Thanks for the alert Chris,

can't be careful enough these days 😳

Regards, Rick

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

I don't have an e-mail address so I don't have to worry about it. I almost clicked on that link though.

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mrkonk First Officer

You should have put Parantheses around it so if people do click on it it will go to the wrong website.What kind of web adress is (

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Chris102 Chief Captain

It was edited - I edited it again.

Sorry for the confusion. Embarassed

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