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Hello. Last year i was on a Piper Cherokee PA-28-140. And i love that aircraft that i was on. But I was wondering what are the differences between the 140 series and the 180F series. I would like to know this because i wanted to get the Flight 1 Piper Cherokee 180F.

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The Cherokee 140 is fitted with a 140 horse power engine, with 150 being optional as a aftermarket refit. The Cherokee 180 is equipped with a 180 horse power engine. As for the airframe deminsions, I am not sure if the 180 has a longer fuselage or wingspan as I've never flown either. Most of my time is in a Piper Arrow, PA-28RT-201. Which is a 200 horse power retractable, with a T tail. The Cherokee's are very comfortable and stable airplanes...very forgiving platforms.

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