Interantional Flightsim Convention 2005

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The International flightsim Convention is the ultimate weekend on the Flightsim calendar over 106 purpose biult stands all set in 22,000 sqaure foot convention centre, you will be amazed at what companies from around the world are exhibiting this year, the convention takes place on the 9th and 10th July Blackpool UK, and remember we have a full air show after the convention closes on the Sunday Featureing the RAF Red Arrows, Spitfire, Hurricaine, Harrier G7 to name a few.

Plus we have some very big supprises that will be announced so come and meet thousands upon thousands of fellow flightsimmers from around the World at this the ultimate flightsimulation Convention.

for more details visit the official web site of IFC

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Nice downloads, thanks for the DC-3 skin!



We are glad you like the DC-3 livery, well there are more to come we have just released the F-18 and 737-800 in my opinion they are the best yet, check out the wall papers to go with thease aircraft they are the best yet go to the main IFC web site look under IFC2004 addons and wallpapers

Mark Silcock
Managing Director

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