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FS2004 Keeps locking up

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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased FS 2004 about a month ago... and I've got a problem with it perhaps someone can help with...

At random (Seemingly) the prog locks up. and the computer doesn't respond at all... Only a RESET to reboot will work.

I have checked done all the following to try to troubleshoot the problem:

1. checked to make sure CPU wasn't overheating (See specs below)
and it's in normal temperature range.
2. reinstalled Windows XP professional
3. Latest Direct X, Video Drivers, etc.
4. Changed acceleration modes on both the video card display settings, as well lowered quality levels in FS2004... None of these seem to help...
5 Have lowered target frame rate from the default of 20 to 10 and still locks up.

Any help anyone can provide will be of assistance.



System Specs:

AMD XP 2100+ processor, 1 GIG PC 2100 RAM, MSI k6 Delta Mainboard
C-Media 5.1 onboard sound on the MSI mainboard.
ATI 9000 PRO All in wonder with 64 MB DDR
Logitech Extreme3d Pro Joystick
40 gig maxtor drive (Win XP Pro, Documents, etc.)
120 Gig Maxtor drive (data/FS2004 etc)
Temperature of System is running around 62/63 degrees Celcious which according to AMD and my local computer shop is well withing normal range.

Ibocpro Guest

Try turning the onboard sound off and see if that fixes the lockups, also do you have a bunch of background operations running? If so turn them off.

I would get a sound card even if that is not the problem as the C-media really cuts into your overall performance, I have read as much as 20%. SB Audigy 2 being the best but an Audigy 1 OEM for cost to performance ratio. Should be able to find an Audigy 1 for around $40.

Are you running NTFS or FAT 32? Run NTFS, it is the better of the two. Keep up on defragmenting your hard drives, this helps.

FS9 can really clog up your memory so reboot the computer every so often between flights. If I do several short flights in different areas of the world the system starts to bog down.

Your CPU heat is within range but a better CPU fan would not hurt, Volcano 7+ by Thermal take is not bad and can be had for $30 from most stores. There are better but for ease and cost... If you have a good Heatsink fan already add a case fan to move some air out of the case or one to move air in next to the CPU.

Good luck,


XP2500 Barton @ 2.08
1024 DDR PC3200
Ti4800 53.03
Nforce 2 3.13
SB Audigy 1

Rev Darkwing Guest

Also try reseating your memory sticks. I had a similar problem and even software tests of memory function were fine but removing and reinstalling the sticks did the trick and my computer worked fine except when under heavy graphics and programming loads.

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