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ummmm....what does AFCAD stand for? Is there a glossary of abbreviations available? If not, there should be, it would certainly help noobies understand what people are talking about in the forums.

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I'm not sure what it stands for, but here the Project AI AFCAD home page.

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Interesting question, I never thought about it. I know (obviously) that it's a "CAD" program.

What is AFCAD?

It is a freeware CAD-style program that allows you to modify the Airport and Facilities Data (AFD) used in Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2002). Facility data is part of the scenery database for Flight Simulator but facility data does not control any of the visual elements of scenery, like airport buildings or ground textures. Instead facility data controls the invisible maps of airports and other data that ATC uses to give directions and AI uses to move around and park at airports. It also controls the information that you see on the ?map view?, GPS screen, flight planner, and start position set-up window in Flight Simulator. You can modify any of that with AFCAD.


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thanks, now, about that glossary.......

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