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Hi folks, thanks for dropping by

this might come a bit late for a weekend treat, but you can always extend it for a few days.

Golden Wings for Flight Simulator Fs2004.

Golden Wings 3 will regress to the extent possible at the moment, a copy of fs2004 to the golden age of aviation, the period from 1920 to 1940. It will remove some large modern airports and alter the appearance of the remaining one to look more like they would have looked in the Golden Age. Modern traffic is replaced with vintage aircraft with no more worries of running into a 737 while flying your favorite Dc3 cross country! It is and will always continue to be a "work in process" as we and other interested simmers share golden age sceneries, revised AFCAD files and city altering exclude files to further enhance the golden age flying experience. Many thanks to Justin Tyme for his generous contribution of US Landclass to the project! Check out his great products at! We use his mesh exclusively in Golden Wings! Also many thanks to Marcel Aerni for permission to use his beautiful desert texture in Golden Wings! Other textures included are all original or modified MS textures

Golden Wings is a work in process! It is not complete and never will be with all the thousands of airports in Fs2004! We have given you a start and a place to fly. We hope that many people who love the golden age will step up to the plate and using easily available freeware programs make revised AFCAD files and sceneries that further make GW a fun place to fly. If your local airport still looks to modern fix it and share it with others! We plan a monthly GW update which will include any AFCAD files sent to us!

Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, it looks very nice. No, I haven't downloaded it yet, still on dial-up Horse But I sure would like to hear some feedback of anyone who has ventured into this seemingly new virtual domain of flightsimming.

Regards, Rick "Candyman" Lee

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