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new card

puma2212 Guest

anyway still me with lots of problem.....story of my life.......
got new card and this time it.s a xfx nividia geforce 5200 128 pci...i got that right this time,,,,,,,, but,,,,,,, put it in its fit ....the only thing its up side down and don't work...i fit it put the computer on and the screen its pitch black, than one things or another i got this error sayn that windows can't sign the card????is anybody have a clue cause im going to buy an xbox plug it in and thats it...
any help would be givin up
bring back game like quake2 blody strait
no good graphic but lots of fun hey

puma2212 Guest

haaa and dont ask me to buy another mobo cause got no money so i got to stik with this one for aaaaaa god knows

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Greg (FL050) First Officer

Are you sure your motherboard has the PCI slot? What color slot are you trying to put it in? There are slots designated for video cards and normal PCI slots.

If you are plugging it in and turning on your computer and nothing happens on your monitor, there is something wrong with the video card. Just letting you know so if this happens its not something else in your PC.

Also, please write in english next time 😀

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RadarMan Chief Captain

If you have it in the socket it had to be right side up.
Put the gold contacts into the white socket.

Are you sure it's a PCI not an AGP and belongs in the shorter brown socket?


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rob (Habu) First Officer

Hi puma 2212, first, your English is OK. You have to see if you bought a AGP card or a PCI card. If AGP, your motherboard needs a Brown slot right next to the CPU. Id PCI, then you put it in a white slot. If you have that right and it's PCI, try another slot, being careful to seat the card all the way in. And check your monitor plug that plugs into the card. Make sure you didn't bend one of the 12-15 little pins in there. Does your monitor work if you put everything back like it was? Also, did you replace another video card, or was your monitor plugged directly into the motherboard? Because if you were using on-board video (no card), you need to go into BIOS Setup on bootup and turn off on-board video, then sshutdown and add the card and plug it in. If it still don't work, give us the name and model of your mobo and new video card, or the model of the computer if it's a Dell or other brand. Good Luck, rob

BashDaBish Guest

1. If Windows is telling you something then the card is in correctly and working. Or did you mean that your monitor is telling you that it does not have a monitor signal? It would say 'No signal' on a black screen.

2. Windows is telling you it can't find a sign? Did you mean saying 'No signal' on a black screen? That means the card is not installed correctly. But if you did mean Windows is telling you this then perhaps it is actually telling you about 'driver signing' and to continue anyway or exit installation. If so then just 'continue anyway'.

You might be better off giving us the exact error message.

Hope this makes sense.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I'm not bashing or anything, but I believe we could be of more help to you if you cleaned up the grammar a tad bit. Separating sentences with 6 commas,,,,,like this....makes it very hard to understand. If you're from a diferent country and have trouble with english, I certainly don't care, you spell really good, it's just somewhat hard to follow, ya know? 🙂

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