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Think I did something to my .exe file...don't ask! Can't get any sound, only during the videos when the two are explaining how to use FS. Help!

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No harm, just load fs9 over itself. That way you won't loose anything that you have loaded or set.

Grounded Guest

Thanks for the reply. But how can I replace the FS9 file and still not use the 4th CD?

After fooling around with FS last night, I found after I crashed (do that a lot), I DID have sound. If I used my mouse to change any settings, the sound would go away. Crashed again, sound again. Off and on all night. Can you or anyone figure that out? I checked my DirectX and everything passed. One check added my card doesn't support hardware buffering but will only play back from software buffers. ?????

Anil Singhal Guest

See this download : No CD patch for FS2004. and you got it !


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