Level D 767 NO SOUND!!!

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

I recently got the Level D 767, but no sound engine sound, no sound packs or anything fix the problem, everywhere else there is sound like wind in the cockpit, and the pilots talking, but no engine sound, it's getting on my nerves.


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Cheeks Chief Captain

Have you tried contacting their support team?

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

Cheeks wrote:

Have you tried contacting their support team?

Yes i have, and it was the biggest waist of time ever.
They wanted me to pay 15 bucks for an hour of support, screw that, i got this community that i can always rely on.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Wow, thats pretty stupid to charge you for customer support.

I don't have the aircraft so I can't help you, but try their forums, it's free,


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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

So i found out this also goes for all my other aircraft, all aircraft except the default jets, there is no engine sound inside the cockpit on some default, and for all addons there is no engine sound period.
I reinstalled FS and everything, but it still don't work.

Please people i need your help!!!

Eckhart Guest

I had the same problem running FSX with Windows 7 64-bit.
This is how I solved it:
if there is a complete silence (no exterior sound, no crew sound, nothing), hit ALT, go into the menu and activate the sound setting...just click ok on your current setting. Sometimes you have to do this several times, sometimes you even have to restart FSX before doing this. Don't go and click on the LevelD preferences unless you wish to get a complete silence once again....

Now this restarts the sound environment with some First Officer announcements but no crew interaction and nothing besides take off anouncements (V1...rotate..etc.).

To get the crew announcements with complete interaction you have to use another trick: go to view and hit cockpit view (2D).... You have to do this from the start up of your flight for a few seconds (annoying for me as I have a triple screen setup and therefore i can't see the 2D panels). Once you have done this you can go back to a 3D cockpit and now you have all the sounds (Captain! the temperature is too high here...could you lower the temperature?).
The drawback for me is that I get a corrupted mouse arrow (blurred cercle) but I can live with this.
Definitely a great plane, but still somewhat unstable (sometimes Iget some missing textures). Oh before I forget, I run FSX as administrator.

Let me know if this solved your problem.


Eckhart 🙂


There is NOT a $15 SUPPORT CHARGE for the Level-D 767 support. It is FREE to all registered members.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

I thought so, makes me think...

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Did you by chance change any of the aircraft sounds from the default to a sound pack (like one of the easily downloadable "sound upgrades" for standard jets). If you did, then the problem is in the aliasing. The sound.cfg is searching for files that have been replaced. You would have to point it at the replacement sounds folder instead. I had this happen with a couple planes that were looking for the learjet sound fsx has (which I had changed to an updated sound pack).

If this is not the case with you... I am not sure what to tell you other than, maybe see Cheeks' post?

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