Looking Platus PC6 Porter training.

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I received FS 2004 for Christmas, and really like it. A great Sim. I have been flying the virtual bombers of WarBirds II and WarBirds II for about six year now but am realizing the controls pale to what FS 2004 requires. All that to say Help!
Reading through FS forums there is a recurring theme suggesting to stay with one plane rather than jump around. With that in mind I downloaded the Platus PC6 Porter, a plane that I have always admired.
Anyway I really need a good resource geared for training with the PC6. From engine management to nav instruments.
I'm a retired Coast Guard radarman and know surface navigation. Just need to sit with some good information on the Porter layout along with everytning else.

I would appreciate any suggestions, links, etc.
I am going through the pilots handbook as well.

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