Scenery addons by download watchout!

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Just a word to the wise!!! I buy scenery downloads and MOST of them are GREAT!!! BUT!!

Before you buy one, look at the reviews unless you know its good!!!
I bought one from and it is BADDDDD!! Worse!!! Simmarket AND the author refused to acknowledge my complaint! It kinda is a 'buy at your own risk' kinda thing. 🙄

Paris monuments looks good!!! (Don't forget to look at the reviews!!!!)

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Yes, there are more problems with addons for FS at the moment, I've seen a few around that are bad, possibly because it is easy to get away with . Cheers for the warning 😉 Twisted Evil

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Elkinallen First Officer

I have quite a few of these sceneries. I'll keep all posted about the bad, good and the ugly. (Not necessarily in that order!)

Dubai is TOOOoooo SWEET!!!! 😳

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