Need help with FS9 restarting computer!!!

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I have a good one!!! Sometimes when I select a menu item; such as aircraft selection or a clickable gauge in the cockpit, the computer restarts!!!
NOT just CTD, but restarts!!! No warning except a quick sucession of 'mouse clicks' and then restart.

I asked about this before in the scenery forum. But I don't think that this is it. I think that there is something going on where FS9 demands a certain amount of power etc and the computer can't handle it,,, or something. I think this because of the restart and not a CTD.

My computer is a good one so I think that power is not a problem, Maybe a virus? Corrupted file?

ANYONE else have something similar? Please let me know. I would like to find the quickest fix before I begin a drastic surgical procedure 😳 😳 😳

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Run your anti virus then run these two. Dump your cookies before you do. run first.

Don't forget to defrag at least once a week.

If it still continues we'll try something else.


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Thanks RadarMan!! It is getting frustrating!!!!

Crying or Very sad

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DIDN"T work!!!! Wall Bashing This computer is kicking my Hack!!!

I did the scan disc and defrag. Nothing!!! I just tested it and when I selected something, in this case aircraft fueling 'ok' selection, it re-started again.

I read another thread where someone was having trouble with a log book something or another,,

Maybe there is a FS.cfg jam up. I did re-build the .cfg, but it may be rebuilding with the same corrupt/defective file?!?!?!

Any more Ideas before I have to re-install!!!!?? Mad Crying or Very sad Help!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You just did work inside your computer.
Check all the cables, make sure the cards and memory chips are reseated tightly, clean the fans especially the CPU fan.

Personally I don't think holes in the side of the case is a good idea. The case is built to be tight with only the fans open to the outside world, that's why you shouldn't run a computer continually with the side off. You just do it for checking.
Other comments about this from anyone with experience?


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I agree RadarMan. I placed the holes in a clean manner at the internal fan intake. Through a filter as well. I referenced a install diagram/instruction for this.

I hope someone can come up with something.

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