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There are quite a few addons for fs2004 now and I'm looking to buy one. Which addons would you guys regard as the best or most essential to getting a better flight sim expierience? At the moment I've got an addon which gives vfr photographic scenery for Wales and South West England. It's ok but I'm looking for something a little more impressive. I'd be grateful for any comments or advice.

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I have Ultimate Traffic and USA Roads.
Both bought at separate times changed to sim for me. I made it look and feel new.
Especially "UT".

https://www.simshack.net/products/traffic-360-ai-traffic-fsx-prepar3d-688 "UT".

http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=roads001 Roads.


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Thanks guys. I think I'll try and pick up ultimate traffic. Anyone else recommend anything else?
Andy (i made this post)

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I would suggest an addon to improve scenery if your computer can handle it. The scenery isn't the best and addons will greatly improve it. There are lots around like VFR Photographic etc. 😉

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