AB412 GUARDIA COSTIERA - awesome helicopter download!!


Now I don't often share my oppinions on aircraft downloads but this one is a peach. (IMO anyway for what it's worth)

Description - 'This Helicopter is Full Photo Real photo realistic and with reflecting - Animated Dynamic Virtual Cockpit - Right Pilot in Command Full Animated - Turbine Gas Effects when Engine ON - Real Fuel Pump and Starter Button - Real Bell 412 Stereo Sounds System of Hi-Quality Sources - Full Animated Main Rotor Rotation, Left, Right, Back, Forward and Torque - Right Passenger door [ Shift + E ] - Search light, forwards and down [Tail Hook ] - Helicopter Autopilot by: Antti Pankkonen - Automatic Hover System by: Arne Bartels - Checklists and Key Reference As seen on the Ultimate Chopper 2003 competition page'

Okay, in plain English it has an animated cabin crew including winchman, search light (moves forwards or downwards but pretty limited), Autopilot and Auto Hover, great docs and overall a lovely looking Helicopter.

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