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I was just wondering why is it that the higher you fly, the slower your speed inicator shows? The mach indiciator is till the same but the knots/hour gets lower.

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It's to do with the option about 'Display true airspeed' and 'Display Indicated Airspeed' in the realism settings. You can change it there 🙂

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Hi njdevls, This is as it is in reality! Airspeed is the a product of the amt of air across the windg and sensed by a yube like the pitot tube. Therefore, the higher you go, the air is thinner and less air sensed. For example, If you were flying in the SR-71 at 80000 ft, your airspeed might be 426 knots, but your ground speed would be something like 1800-2100 miles per hr. While at sea level, a airspeed of 426 would also be a ground speed close to that! Hope this helps, rob

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