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Hey all, hear 2004 is a hog. I'm runnin....

2.53g P4 with 1G PC2700 ram, geforc3 ti500 (64mgcard). XP home with plenty of hard drive space.
I can usually get around 35-50 frames out of 2002 with about a med- high set up on the graphics. Decent to look at. Not screenshot quality but good nuf for me.

Do I need to kick out for that geforce fx 5900 yet or can I wait?



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Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

Yes, i'm sure that would be no problem. If you have a bit of spare cash, I would also recommend getting the 5900 - there is a big difference 🙂

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rob (Habu) First Officer

Hi Tiretracks, I have almost same as you..except I use Rambus Ram. It will run OK for you. I also added the 5900 Ultra, and WOW!! I don't think frame rates were much more but I really notice improved graphics. My Asus mobo only supports AGP 4X. Good Luck, rob

Guest Guest

Your system should be ok for running FS2004 at lower setting, but a graphics card upgrade always helps.

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earthqu8kes First Officer

looks good to me... BTW if you think FS9 is a hog...take alook at some (mostly all) of the posts in the FSX forum..."FSX runs horibbly on my comp?, Why wont FSX run on my comp?". all the answers...You need a really good computer to run FSX. 😉

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You do realise the orignal post was in 2003

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brownbox Captain

how did this old post end up at the front anyway? Oh well 😎

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oops Embarassed . a guest posted on a 2 year old topic and then i posted after...thats how it ended up at the front.

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