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Does anyone know where I can print a list of the key commands/functions
for playing flight sim. I have a joystick but have no idea what keys on the
keyboard do what.
Thank in advance.

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You can get to the key assignments menu by going to Settings >> Assignments. That will tell you what key does what. Sadly, you cannot print from that menu - so you will have to make a note or type it down for in-flight use. You will learn them after a while i'm sure 🙂

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I made it (kneeboard) into a word Doc. You can print that out. It takes 5 pages but its worth it.
I can't load it into this post attachment is turned off.
I can mail it someone for download if you like. It's a rather small zip file, 11.9kb zipped.

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You can also view it from outside of FS2004 using a web browser. Just go to your install directory (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simultor 9\), open the Aircraft directory, then double-click on kneeboard_keys.htm.

I doubt this is updated if you make customized key associations, but you could change it yourself if you know anything about HTML. You can view and/or change lots of stuff with just a web browser - just look for the .htm files. Personally, I got sick of reading the small, 8pt font for the ground school lessons and modified the cascading style sheet to make it display with easy-to-read 12pt Times New Roman font.

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You can download the FS2004 Keyboard Commands table here:

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