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Does anyone know where I can get sound files which feature flight attendants talking to the passengers? Also, does anyone know where I can get an ATC accent Text-Speech utility or program? Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

The panel "greg737" has crew calls and the switch's so you can copy them to other panels
Search Avsim

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Did you check this out to see if it's what you need.


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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

The Legendary 727 has lots of flight attendant to passenger communications but as for an addon for anything else, go with whatever RadarMan suggests.

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Micah Captain

go with whatever RadarMan suggests

Hi radarman, (or any one else)

i have got the greg 747 add-on, which is quite good but a lot of the sounds are quite muffled. surely there must be a better application for the flight crew, inc captain, talking to the passengers and, basically making it sound more like a real flight. After all this is a sim and surely this would help add to this simulation!!!

Help us out on this one

GREAT FORUM!! (not that i feel strongly about this at all! Evil or Very Mad )


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RadarMan Chief Captain

The problem is that these are for specific aircraft, maybe you can use some of them.


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Micah Captain

can they not be used in more than just one aircraft though??

i would have thought someone with a brain would have come up with it by now.

i really miss those little extras that would make it so great.

do you know where im coming from?


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Just looked around.

See how this appeals to you.

FlightDeck Sound Effects Panel


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Micah Captain

its downloading at the mo, so i will give you feedback as to how it works.

Thanks for having a look

Currently flying a A321, lovely plane!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

I previously had the (free) FlightDeck SFX panel from avsim.

It's excellent for free.... a set of cabin crew calls and a mini panel to trigger them from.

For those serious about having a fully automatic Cabin Crew and First Officer and Engineer (where required), then I would hugely recommend:-

FDC Live Cockpit ....... (Flight Deck Companion).

I have just bought this and I think it's the best (non-aircraft) add-on available for FS2004.... It has totally transformed the experience and I will NEVER fly without it !

It works with ALL planes (including ALL complex add-ons) and gives you airport ambience, cabin boarding sounds, cabin attendent announcements, Flight Deck Announcements, editable Checklists, and a F/O that will help you fly the plane.


I just regret not buying it until now - I didn't know what I was missing !!

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Micah Captain

where can i get this, gps, and how much should i expect to pay?
Also, do i have to install it in each aircraft or is it a standalone app that works inside of flight sim?

Sounds great, please take the time to tell me more about it, if you dont mind, cheers 🍻

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi Micah,

That's what makes this so fantastic - it is so easy and fast to use but has such a HUGE dramatic effect on flying!

No, you don't have to mess with any Panel.cfg files or anything like that with this add-on.... it's standalone... you can set it up just the way you want it, or you can touch nothing, and it will still work great.

You launch it first, then launch FS, then just press "connect" on FDC and that's it... it will work in ANY plane in FS.

As you launch your flight, you'll hear the Lead Cabin Att. welcoming the passengers and you'll hear the (real) sounds of your passengers boarding.

Press a button and the Captain will brief the First Officer.... then the Pre-Start Checklists will start... if anything is not set right (like lights, etc), the F/O will tell you to correct it .... then press CTRL+Space and he'll confirm it's ok now.

After pushback, the FO might just start the engines for you.... After some more announcements and checklists (the checklists become totally automatic after the first 3 which need to be started manually by pressing CTRL+Space).

Now the fun starts ....... take-off and as soon as you have a positive rate the F/O will raise the gear.... as you accelerate past each Flap speed, the FO will raise the flaps.

As you get to 3000 the Captain calls for "Climb Thrust" ..... at 10,000 (UK) the FO announces "Transition Altitude".

During the Approach the FO is on hand and sets a few instruments such as the Altitude (ready for a potential go-around) and the Heading Bug, during ILS approach.

He sets the flaps as we're coming down and then at Flaps 15... what's that, he's lowering the gear... what a gent !

On the ground, he activates the Spoliers and raises the flaps once we're off hte runway and the taxi lights are off...... the welcome briefing can be heard in the background.

Well, you get the idea ..... I've been on some sites looking into this and EVERYONE who talks about it agrees :

You will never ever fly in FS without it !

It's available pretty much everywhere, and as a CD (which I got), or a Download.

For the CD, got to:-
... or any of the big on-line retailers.

For the download go to either aerosoft (above) or direct from the developer, at

Surprised 😀 😂 😉


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Micah Captain

well my friend, 😛

This certainly sounds awesome and i have just splashed the cash, so will hopefully recieve it shortly.

Where abouts do you live, and how long did it take to reach you? I live in the uk, (lovely sunny sussex!!), hopefully i'll get it soon.

Thanks v much for your help!

Micah (now a happy chappy!!) 😉

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