B-1B Lancer issue

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I am posting this onto a few forums in the hope someone can help me.

I am having trouble with the I3D B-1B Lancer in FS2004. I have played around with the aircraft.cfg file as much as I can (I am limited by the fact that I know nothing about aircraft design!!) and the I3D web site has been down for ages now. I really like this model and would love to get it to fly properly in FS2004 ... with force feedback enabled.

I have AirEd to edit the air file although I can't because I haven't a clue what to edit.

I have tried different air files and aircraft.cfg files. I have also modified a few aircraft.cfg files.

So far I have managed to get almost what I want ... almost.

I would like to know if someone can help me sort out the last couple of issues please.

I have the aircraft flyable now but the elevators still flutter over a certain speed, the overspeed warning comes on just after take off and finally, it flies way too fast now.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.



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