Captain Sim 757????

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Awhile ago, i dont know where i heard that captain sim would be coming out with a 757. if true does anyone know when.

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I know they'll come out with a 767, but I haven't heard anything about a 757...

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You might be getting mixed up with the forthcoming PSS 757...

Exciting new "true sim" releases, coming soon :-

Level D 757 PIC
PMDG 747-400 Queen of the skies
PMDG MD-11 The Last Trijet
PSS 757 2004 Pro
PSS 777 2004 Pro
Wilco 737 PIC (-200/-300/-400)
Feelthere 737-200
Wilco 777
Captain Sim Legemdary 767

..... Bring 'em on ! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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[/quote]Wilco 737 PIC (-200/-300/-400)
Feelthere 737-200[quote]

The Wilco and the Feelthere 737 is actually the same thing. It is developped by Feelthere and published by Wilco, and it includes the 737-300 -400 -500

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

No it's not Skymuncher.... all the publicity is out for the -300/-400/-500 PIC add-on at the moment, but there is a separate -200 add-on that they're also working on (more secretively), that they mention every now and again on the website.

The -200 is totally different to the "Classic" 300/400/500 as it has the long thin old screaming engines and much more basic systems (there is no VNAV and LNAV functions on the AP, as there is on the 300-500).

So the -200 is a 737 but from the era of the 727, so more of a "legend" !

I can't wait for both ! 😉

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Oh ok GPS-kid you must be better informed than me then... Embarassed
Anyway I cannot wait for a 737 that is not all-glass 🍻

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