FS2004 no loger starting

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Loaded FS2004 some time ago and everything worked well.

It then stopped working - hangs with title page.

I've reloaded a number of times with no change. Any suggestions?

Win XP Home, AMD1600+, 512DDR, GeForce4 440 MMX, bags of free hard disk space.

I've tried noCD patch, and restoring my docs default.



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tomthetank Chief Captain

This is probably your graphics driver(have you installed some new program........a demo ?)
Anyway goto Nvidia home page and download the new driver(a menu helps onsite) then uninstall your old graphics driver,reboot the system and cancel XPs attempt at finding the driver,then open the new downloaded driver and double click it will install its self and may reboot again.
Try this even if you have not installed anything new(drivers do get corrupt seemingly for no reason)

Hope it helps

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