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hi all!

I´m using ASV5 since a few weeks and i´m pretty satisfied with it.
Also the performance is very good.
Except you fly into a very cloudy area.
Then my frames fall down to 5-8fps.
And flying is not fun anymore especially when you´re on an approach.
My cloud resolution is 256x256.

Now i wanna know from the ASV users if there´s a way to get better performance or if it is possible to comprimise the clouds?
And how is the resolution 64x64?
Will the performance get better a lot?
And will the clouds be still nice to watch?


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I use 256x256, cant go all depends on your hardware capability.
Mine is 3.0 P3 1.5 GB ram Radion 9800 with bunch of addons. so hacve to sacrafice some scenery settings. without the clouds I could set all at max, now I can only set scenery at ultra high with autogen to dense(max is extremely dense).
I think upgrading to fs9.1 can improve your performance dramatically, coz they fixed the memory leak problem.
64x64 is lousy, dont go there......

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