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This came about as the end-result of several 5AM sessions of not-enough-to-do.

basically it makes panel/sound installations simple.

For the panels

1. "Install" the panel as per the readme included. Basic panel installation follows these subpoints-

a. If the panel comes with gauges, copy them into FS9's base Gauges folder.
b. If it comes with sounds, copy them into the base Sound folder of FS9

c. If modules it has, to the Module folder you will copy them -Yoda

2. Go into the extracted folder, and find the "panel" folder. For our imaginary panel, it's a A-320 panel, so we'll rename the "Panel" folder to PANEL.A320 (You'll see why further on).

3. CUT this panel folder (Why have 2 of them wasting space), and paste it into FS9/Aircraft/fsfsconv folder.

4. Make a folder in the fsfsconv folder, called PANEL.CONFIG

4.5. Create a new folder in PANEL.CONFIG called A320.

4.59- Create a new folder in A320

5. Open that folder

6. Go grab something to drink, this is tedious.


8. Paste this into Notepad

9. SAVE this text document as Panel.cfg
9a. BE SURE THAT THE FILE NAME IS Panel.cfg NOT Panel.cfg.txt

10. To install the panel, simply copy the panel folder that we created, into your a-320 aircraft file, or any other aircraft you want to.



This is easier than ILS!

1. Open the aircraft folder of the aircraft you want to edit

2. Find Aircraft.cfg file.


3.2- Type UI_manufacturer, or just scroll down till you find it.

4. It might say UI_manufacturer=Boeing

5. Change that to UI_manufacturer=Delta if you have a fleet of Delta aircraft that you want to have seperated.

6. If the aircraft has multiple textures, you have to edit the manufacturer thing for all them.

Any questions, throw them to


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atreyu Captain

is this supposed to be easier?

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Actually yeah, because you get ALL the complicated crap done with once, and then it's just a copy and paste after that!

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Chris102 Chief Captain

Great guides! I'm always downloading new panels and sounds 😀

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I didn't add this, but everything you do to in the PANEL guide, is same as SOUND guide!!!

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Not only can you change the manufacturer, you can change the name of the repaint too! 😎

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