When using "select a flight" program just exits

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I got MFS 2004 yesterday and installed it. When I do a create a flight it works fine. When I do a training it works fine(exited once or twice). When I do a "select a flight" then click "Fly Now" the program just exits. No error messages or anything. I've tried a few different ones and they all have the same effect. Any ideas???

My system(I know it's old, but I'm too poor to upgrade):

AMD Athlon 900MHz
384 MB RAM
Voodoo3 3000 Video Card
DirectX 9.0
Windows XP

Please help!

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Your systems specs is quite limited but if the problem cause from ur system i think it will happens all time and not only in the selected flights.

I have two reasons one my mind which cause this problem.

First, i think your problem has to do with bad installation or damaged folder.

Second (and i think most important), ur systems low ram.

If i was in your position the first i will do is to low display settings and try to open a flight.I dont think it will work but just give a try.If it wont works try to unistall it and reinstall it.

I would also suggest u (if u have the ability) at least upgrade ur ram.

Let us know about it. 😉


jeremyp969 Guest

Hey, thanks for the quick response and suggestions. I should have mentioned that I did try the reinstall and it had the same effect. I do meet the minimum RAM requirements according to Microsoft, but that could still be the cause of it. Maybe I'll try expanding a bit.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Did u ever had another FS in ur system?(98''-2000)?If u do and have never format ur pc try to clean up the old registrys.

The microsoft asks about the minimum requirments for run FS but although i think that FS needs a lil bit more in ordrer to work properly cause all systems are not the same.Maybe,for example,u run a power hungry antivirus or some others programms that they are running on your pc start up and getting it slower.

Keep on touch for any help. 😉


jeremyp969 Guest

I did have Sim 98, but I've reformatted since it was installed. I'll see what I can do about that RAM. That could be the problem, but if that was the case wouldn't none of the flights work?

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Yes u r right but maybe the selected flight are more ram hungry to load.Just a thought.

Is there a 'flight simulator'' folder has been created in ur ''My Documents directory''?


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