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Cool sat images of Airport's

spuddi Guest

check out

put in your USA airport code and you will get a map of the airport,
hit the satelite button and you get an areail phot that you can zoom into.

it only covers north america at the moment.

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horrgakx First Officer

If you like that you'll LOVE Google Earth

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

That's awsome! 😳 😀
Thanks, that's cool.

spuddi Guest

yeah thanks thats cool. although I'm in danger of getting fired if i keep looking at that all day

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michlin First Officer


Thank you! This program is the old Keyhole program that Google purchased last year. I used it last year for a few weeks dropping it just before the free trial period ended. Originally developed by the military, the major new outlets also used it during the Gulf War. I have been trying to get it without luck the last couple of weeks. 😎

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The "Google Earth" program is great. If you type in your address you can see your house on satellite imagery. 🙄

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