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"No Traffic"

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A guest posted this in the "bottom" forums.

I recently downloaded a demo version of FSLive Traffic from I tested it out, and then decided to remove it. I'm pretty sure all I removed was the stuff that came with the download, but ever since then, I have no traffic. I set the traffic bar to 100 and it still leaves me with 0 airplanes, even at KLAX it's a deserted place. Also, even though I removed FSLive, when I hit alt during a flight to get the menus at the top, on of them says "tools". Why is that still there if I removed FSLive, and how do I get my traffic back. I'm very desperate for help

Sounds like an interesting problem. I figured he would get a better chance up here.

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You may have deleted the default AI planes. Chech to make sure that u have the Piper Cherokee and the MD-83 in your aircraft folder.

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