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What do you all think of the Airline Pilot software. Is it worth the money? I read about it and it looks pretty good. Does it have any glitches etc. I'd love to hear your comments about it.

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Personal I would go with fspassengers. With Airline pilot you start out in a prop and as FO but in fspassengers you din't have to.

crosscheck9 Guest

Personally, I would go for whats most realistic. I think Airline Pilot would be a little more down to earth, seeing as how no pilot ever starts in the jet - thats just my opinion. Are there any more perks or glitches in any of the two softwares that would help me in the decision making process?

crosscheck9 Guest

would airline pilot be sold in stores like best buy? I can't seem to find any. The only ones I find are online.

BashDaBish Guest

FSPassengers has different difficulty setups. On the hardest you start as a pilot only able to fly a Cessna and limited funds. Work your way up by earning points for perfect flights and landings etc then you can move on to the jets (money permitting). Or just start off on the easier level and get to fly the jets from the start. Choice is yours. No bugs as far as I know....I been using it for 4 or 5 weeks.

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