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During a flight, pilots always get waypoints with no frequency in their flightplan. No use of ADF or DME available. As far as I know, in these circumstances, the only way one can track these waypoints is either using GPS, or just typing in the heading you need to get there. If you were doing it manually, then the pilot would be offcourse by a little bit, because he wouldn't know exactly when to begin his turn, and at what angle, etc. Also, not all planes have GPS systems, so, what do pilots do in these situations?

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Those waypoints are always associated with a radial and DME from some Nav-Aid (Tacan/VOR). The only exception is if an airport would have a visual point they have pilots fly to to start an approach to a runway.

In order to find these points (most are intersections on a Jetway or low level route) you would need to have the appropriate chart to find the nav-aid associated with it.

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AV8R, if I understand you correctly, then your saying that I tune in to the VOR or Tacan along that waypoints path, and track that path..? If I am correct, then the DME information would be incorrect from my standpoint, because the DME information would be associated with the VOR, not the waypoint. Please reply. I have a feeling I may very well have misunderstood you.

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Let's sat you want to go to RYANN intersection. It is off the ABC V-Tac.

RYANN is on the R-180 at 35 DME. You are on the R-090 at 85 DME. Since you are east of the V-Tac, you would have to turn left in order to get to the intersection.

It is called a point-to-point fix. Using a nav-aid, you should be able to figure out what heading you need to turn to to get to any DME along any radial of any nav-aid.

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Em..I think I've got it. Blush I'm a little bit out of place, but I'm sure I'll get it. Thanks for everything. By the way, can offer a different form of explaining it please do, if not, I'm sure I'll drill it into my head. Embarassed It's a little embarressing but I've been used to flying via the GPS everytime. I guess I'm gonna have to understand and pefect every means of navigation in order to get somewhere with this thing. Thanks

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Waypoints not associated with GPS are normally defined by the intersections of defined radials off separate VOR's OR by a DME fix along a single radial. Technically, these are not known as waypoints, they are intersections. If you are on one or the other of the defined radials, you just fly that radial until reaching the intersection with the other. If you are trying to fly to a point defined by a radial and a DME fix, you must be on that radial to be able to precisely navigate to it.

If you are not on either of the radials, and if you know your current position (doom on you if you don't), you can fly approximately toward the intersection and then intercept the radial and fly to the point. That is not precise navigation and, except for ATC vectors, you will never have occasion to do that while on an IFR flight plan. However, in VFR it is often done to set yourself up on the rest of your route or to position yourself for an approach.

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Well since we are on this topic can someone help me wit this flight plan. I am recreating a flight from KMWC to KOSH as if i were flying there durin the AirVenture. the site is but you have to fly to the city of Ripon which on the map is between 2 lakes which you can see if you look at and aerial chart on the site. then you have to follow the train tracks to FISK or the intersection FISKE. the hardest part is navigating to the intersections. Especially trying to find Ripon but once i find it between the 2 lakes then its a breeze to follow the tracks. But can someone explain how to navigate to intersection without the use of a GPS. or is the only way other to use a chart?

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