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Having nothing better to do today, I added some addon scenery packages. All went fine with one exception.

I installed Mat Fox's SFVFR.zip package for San Francisco. I used FltSimManager to install it and got no complaints.

The problem is that everything in the area north of the Golden Gate Bridge has a greenish grey appearance with nothing but the standard buildings present and airports. I tried disabling the addon scenery package, but that did not help.

I suspect I blew away something I shouldn't have. Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated. Or if someone knows of a good scenery package to replace it with...

Or do I have to Wall Bashing

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Clean out and reinstall the latest video drivers, if you have a good card.
If not list it here and let us help.


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You have me curious now. All my other scenery works just fine. My wierd brand of logic tells me I am missing something for that area. I guess I could take a peek and see how big the hole in my world is. I may not have adequately described it, but just south of SF, everything is fine. I suspect I will find if I go a bit north and a bit east, I will find things get normal as well. BTW, the ocean is fine, but part of the bay is also this greenish grey. At least the sailboats don't mind.

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I did some recon of the area.The airports are there, the buildings (not autogen) and bridges are there. No roads. In fact the Bay Bridge ends abruptly where it comes down to ground level because the road is missing.

The area involved is between 8 and 15 miles, depending on direction. All the scenery around the effected area is fine.


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