AA 763

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Zach (ranald) Captain

I made this vid before I went on holiday


tell me what you think and soory about FPS 😞

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Jared Captain

very nice video. The t/d was a little hard, don't you think?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Nice video,some very good imaginative shots 👍

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Interesting, very well done. I liked the multiple endings.


crosscheck9 Guest

Good job ranald. By the way, you were apologizing for fps, the ones in the vid are ALOT better than mine. Nice scenery and ofcourse, nice aircraft. I thought the landing was a little far from the runway's soft spot, but very nice regardless. Nice work.

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Zach (ranald) Captain

Thanks 😀 There is something rong with that aircraft it keeps on jumping on the runway and taxiway so I have to turn off crash detection I think that is the reson for the boants on T/D but yes I did come in a bit low becouse the noise attitude in POSKY aircaft is very strange and I was about -2% pitch so I have to flare a lot witch couses me to float Crying or Very sad

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