Can't see the landing lights.

anatdani Guest


1) I can see the landing lights on the wings from outside of the plane, but these lights, doesn't iluminate the runway at all.
2) The nose landing light, doesn't light.

When I see the nose landing gear, I can't see a lamp at all.
Lets see first how can I see the wing lights on the paviment.

Where can I start ?

Thanks in advance.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Search avsim for "landing light texture" in flight sim 2002 and look for Halo Texture

From the d/load ➡
This texture file changes the lights at the airport such as runway lights, taxi, center lines, and some lights to different aircraft. This file will not effect the landing light beam only the bulb shape and color. I feel this is the most realistic color and glow effect for this texture

Whether this works or not Dont Know So back up the texture file 1st

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

yeah i have that same problem on my 717


Thanks Captain.
I will back.

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