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Hi, I'm looking for a new controller to obvisouly fly in fs9 😂

I've been looking at the ch yoke, which looks awesome! But one question about it. Does it give you ability to move the plane up and down too?

I've also been looking at the Saitek J24C X45 Flight Control System Joystick and Throttle. I saw this at best buy for 60 dollars! I almost made a impulse buy 🙄

you can look at the saitek flight control stick and throttle here-

btw- I'm currently using ethier the keyboards and a gamepad, the gamepad kinda stinks for fs9 though

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Yes, the yoke also controls the elevators. Just pull back or push forward. It even has an elevator trim dial. A stick is great for fighters, but the yoke is awesome for private and commercial aircraft.

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Do some research on the Saitek X45 as I don't think it fully supports Windows XP. If you really like the Saitek I suggest looking at the newer X52 setup which I believe supports XP. In either case I'd suggest getting the CH rudder pedals.

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stick with the yoke matey, its absolutely immense! and get the pedals and throttle quadrant too! if you can afford em all at once. i bought the yoke 5 months ago and i absolutely love it. its so proffesional. im still saving for the pedals tho 😞

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