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I just bought this game and i dont have a joystick and dont want to use my keyboard so desided to use an xbox pad i have noticed there is alot of controls in the game. what is the main controls u need in the game and what button do you asign them to on your controller.


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Vernibob` Guest

First off dude strongly recommend getting yourself a joystick at some point. Even if its a dirt cheap one for the time being (but try and get runnder control one if possible).

But... i do feel your pain brother. in the past i have hooked fsx to my tv and layed in bed and done a few circuits (nerd i know) but the way i did it was

Triggers: yaw

LB RB: Trim (its easier to use whilst using the analogs as your pitch + roll)

A +X :throttles (same reason as trim )

Y + B prop (i was using a twin prop)

Right stick: camera

Dpad : Gear, Flaps, Change veiw

with this set up i still recomend having a keyboard near by, just for radios and stuff like that. If your planning to use big ass jets i recomend using the prop buttons for speed break and stuff like that. but play around and see what you get. hope this helps. =]

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