Xbox 360 Controller Dosent show up

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Hey peeps... i have bought the delux version of fsx but had problem with the Error 1935 but goy it installed after finding a fix on this forum... but now i have runned into a new problem... i have a wired Xbox 360 Controller that i wanna use for FSX

but when i try to change it from Mouse yoke to X360 controller the controller dosent show up ! ?!

it shows up in the calibrating menu... but not in the drop-down menu

anyone know what to do please ?

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Gir! Guest

just want to mention that it can find any other USB Joypad that i have...

and i have used my Xbox 360 Controller for alot of other games

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If you want to use the xbox 360 controller on fsx u will have to download this sofware whitch is on this website

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