modern air combat simulation...finally!

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As most of you know there's very little by way of realistic and high quality modern air combad simulators, aside from wings over vietnam (which skimps on the realism) and Lock-On of course (which has been riddled with bugs and complaints from more than half of all users.)

However! The makers of Flacon 4.0 have released a new game called "Allied Force." Yet again you're limited to only flying the F 16, but they have done an EXCELLENT job with realism here folks. There are 7 sub-panels (that are probably more easily accessed than on any FS plane), with nearly every button and switch modeled. Yes, you even have to activate your ejector seat before that even works! The flight dynamics are incredible as well. I use a MS. force feedback 2 joystic and am usually fairly disappointed with FS's forces, but not with Allied Force! The stick now carries a weight with it, and a very responsive one too. It's as though you reached through the screen to actually grab the stick in the plane itself!

Although the external view of the F-16 isn't very high in quality, but the 2d panel and VC are excellent, giving you a tremendous feeling of being immersed in the cockpit without needing a wide-screen monitor! The learning curve is steep, yes, but certainly gives you the same satisfaction that you get everytime you power-up the PMDG or LDS planes!

You can fly any number of campaigns, missions, quick combats, etc. in either the Balkans or Korea, but it is certainly worth it. The manual alone (PDF) is nearly 700 pages! This is for ONE airplane mind you =). [NOTE: if you do just want to hop in and fly with unlimited weapons, fuel, and g-forces, that is certainly okay as well!]

So to all of you wishing for a realistic MAC simulator, without dealing with the bugs of LockOn, it is certainly here!

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That sounds awesome. Do you know when it comes out and do you know what the price would be?

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

I paid 30$ for my copy off of amazon, but I've seen it listed for 25 on a lot of venders. Small price for a great sim. I must say though, you really do wish you had a life time pass to Staples or Kinkos...that 700 page manual is a MUST read on maximum realism level. Most complex start-up/radar/weapons/landing system ever...

(Just a reminder though, it can be flown hope-in-and-fly too, I'm just one for challenges =) ).

The one down side is that they released it without configuring it to be capable of handling rudder pedals + a joystick, a completely rediculous notion if you ask me. They have promised a 2nd patch to fix this soon, but that part does irk me. For some reason it can configure the pedals to act as a second throttle, but not a second rudder. Oh well, that's what patches are for!

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