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Can my system run FS2004 efficiently? Please look!

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Hey all! I am new to the FS world, and I want to purchase 2004 version. My system specs are as follows:

AMD Duron 1.8 GHz
256MB PC2700 RAM
128MB PNY GeForce 5200X

I know there is no definite answer. If it will run, what should I have the display settings on? Is there anyone who has something close to this configuration? Thank you everyone for your time, as I really am excited to get started. Smile

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

I have 256 MB of RAM, 64 MB Video Card, Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz.

I usually play with the settings on Meadium Low(defualt settings) and get about 15 frames per second at the best with defualt aircraft. You should be able to run FS good. For FS2006 you will need about 1 or 2 GBs of RAM. Wink

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Thanks for chiming in! BTW, my memory is PC2100, not 2700. I just ordered 512MB more of RAM, so that will bring it up to 768MB RAM, so I will be just fine in that aspect Very Happy That should also bring up the FPS and overall performance... Opinions anyone? Thank you! Razz

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Your PC will run it just fine. The RAM isn't going to help boost your FPS any, but strangely enough it will boost what you can run at the same frames? After upgrading to 768 and then a gig, i noticed verrrrry little fps increase, but i can now run clouds at 100% coverage and 80% 3d textures with nearly no hit (before that would've killed my system).

You should be more than satisfied with what you can do on that system, and if it's still too slow for your tastes, pick up a bunch of small programs out there to help! (I.E. FSAutoStart, etc.)

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I'm glad to see that you are bringing your ram up, your CPU will be more than sufficient.
We have found (if you search this site) that the card you have doesn't hold up very well and you won't be able to have super graphics and high FPS with it.
After your all set up and running maybe we can help with evening your settings out unless you want a new card.
Good luck and lets see you soon.


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Thanks everyone! I am confused... a 128MB Card isn't enough? I was told GeForce's kick a$$. It is a 5200 series. I know, it isn't a 6000 series, but oh well. LOL, I just bought that card. Did you know that this game ran on my old machine, which was a 475 mHZ K6-2 with 128 MB RAM and a 16MB Voodoo3? LOL, it ran, but it had to be on minimal settings. I don't HAVE the game, I HAD it, because my disks 2/3 were broke by my lil bro... I am 16, he is 4. I am out to buy a new FS2004. I just bought this new machine. I actually built it, just bought a barebone and made it how I wanted it. It has dual 150GB HD's. LOL, crap. Help please? What exactly is wrong with with that GeForce? Thank you again, you guys are very helpful.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Check out this thread it'll say more than I can.


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